We Owe All to the Tender Mercies of God

For thus saith the Lord, Enter not into the house of mourning, neither go to lament nor bemoan them: for I have taken away my peace from this people, saith the Lord, even lovingkindness and mercies.

Jer. 16:5

Everything we see and hear these days deny the tender mercies of God. Astronomers revel in each new exoplanet they discover in the so-called Goldilocks Zone. The press daily pounds the drum that mankind will destroy the earth via global warming – all due to his presence. Some are even calling for the extinction of mankind as the only way to save “Mother Earth”.

What both of these groups (and many others) of people share in common is their denial of God and His mercy toward us. I continually learn of new scientific discoveries that show that if it were not for God’s continual favor toward us, we would all die. The prophet Jeremiah gives us the same message.

It is a lie that we are all here by chance of the big bang and evolution. From the forming of the universe to the forming of each of us, everything that done is done because of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Astronomers would have us to believe that because the earth is hospitable to life that there must be thousands of other planets that are likewise suitable for life. Science tells us that this is a lie.

A planet being in the Goldilocks Zone (neither too hot or too cold) is only a minute fraction of the conditions necessary for life to exist. We depend on our moon without which life would not and could not exist. Not only do we need our moon, but it needs to be the size it is and the distance that it is. It is these conditions that create the tides needed for the cleansing of the oceans.

The universe is quite a hostile place. Most stars are not as commodious or as stable as our sun. Many star systems have more than one sun. Regarding so-called global warming, the reason the earth has been warmer in the fast few decades than in the previous few decades is because of solar cycles.

The earth and the sun are in a special kind of balance. Our sun is remarkably stable, and changes in its power output are extremely slight. This trait is also rare among stars. The small variations in the sun are related to the number of sunspots that vary according to several complex solar cycles. These cycles change the amount of solar wind that blows past the earth. This solar wind protects the earth from gamma radiation that comes from extremely distant stars and galaxies. It is the gamma radiation that the earth receives that astronomers believe heavily influence our climate.

The earth itself plays a large part in the cosmic dance. Because of its molten core with a large amount of iron in it, the magnetic field we enjoy exists. This magnetic field is essential to life on earth. Among its many benefits, it also protects us from the deleterious effects of the solar wind.

To see how important the magnetic field is, we only need to look at Mars. Mars can never be hospitable to life because it lacks a molten iron core. Thus, it lacks a magnetic field. Because it has no magnetic field, the solar wind has stripped it of much of its atmosphere. Our wonderful atmosphere owes some of its existence to our magnetic field.

The universe is a generally violent place. Rocks flying around continually bombard planets and moons. Tiny rocks will burn up in our atmosphere. Larger ones have wiped out entire ecosystems. Small ones have the power of large nuclear fusion bombs. Even our position in our galaxy is special. Most parts of the galaxy are deadly to life on any planet.

I could cite many, many more examples of how special the earth really is. The reason it is special is that God created it to be. He has not done so anywhere else in the universe.

During the history of mankind, God has favored us with a mild climate, regular rainfall, protection from cosmic rays, asteroids and other celestial dangers. He has also stayed the more violent earthquakes and volcanoes. You don’t think that the violence required to form entire mountain ranges would endanger if not wipe out all life on earth? Yet for the history of mankind, we have not seen any such violence. This terrestrial stability is not because this kind of upheaval is only in the past. Rather, it is because of the merciful hand of God. The day is soon coming, when God’s mercy will be withdrawn from mankind and His wrath will be poured out.

He will diminish the sun’s warming rays. Volcanoes and earthquakes will become more common and extreme. This was predicted by Christ in the final days before the end, and scientists predict such increasing cooling and violence will characterize the next couple of decades due to a quite solar cycle.

The result will be famine and pestilence – also predicted by the Bible before the final wrath of God is poured out.

This year, we have seen unprecedented events that threaten the world’s food supply. Fires and crop failures in Australia due to drought, crop failures in the US due to flooding. Locust plagues in Africa and the Middle East. Swine and bird flu decimating pig and chicken populations in China and elsewhere. Coronavirus threatening to become a pandemic. These catastrophes are just the precursors of God’s wrath.

In the West, we have turned our backs on God. We have denied Him and made abundant idols with our own hands. Our churches are competing to see who can follow the perversions of the world more fully – accepting the abominations of feminism, sexual perversions, and the trans-agenda.

Make no mistake. Everything thing we enjoy – water, food, air, warmth, even life itself, is because of the love and mercy of God. When we deny Him and pursue abominations as we have so eagerly done, He will also deny us His mercy. No one will be able to help us on that day.

What are we to do?

First, we need to repent. We need to repent of our love and pursuit of the world. We need to stop believing in the world’s demonic agenda – global warming/climate change, feminism, fornication, sexual perversions, and worldly entertainments.

We need to fall in love with Christ again. He is all we need. We need to expel worldliness from our churches. That will result in our pews (more likely cushioned chairs) becoming rather empty. If that is the case, then so be it. Our Lord Jesus Christ purposely offended all but the 12 disciples at one point at which point they all stopped following Him. They were offended not because He sinned, but because He spoke the truth. We need to emulate Him in this regard. It is long past time we started speaking the truth again.

We need to pray for the lost and preach repentance if by some chance God will grant it to them. The time is short, and the need for such preaching is urgent. The need is too great to delegate to the professionals. Each one of us needs to warn of God’s wrath to come and urge repentance.

Lastly, we should prepare in order to spare our families undue suffering. If Christ returns in the next decade or so, then true believers will be spared the brunt of God’s wrath. However, the pangs of suffering have already begun, and everyone must endure them until the day of His wrath is at hand.

Even if Christ doesn’t return in our lifetime, the next decade portends to be one of great trial and suffering. Global cooling with effects on geologic stability along with decades of financial recklessness by the world’s governments and banks are all going to come down on us hard.

The prudent man foresees evil and hides himself. I have warned you of the least of what is coming. If you fail to heed the lesson of the ant (Proverbs 6:6-8), then your suffering will be your fault alone.

Maranatha – Christ come quickly!

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