God’s Judgment is Upon Us

No one calls for justice, nor does any plead for truth.
Therefore justice is far from us… We look for light, but there is darkness!

Isa. 59:4,9

In some of the blogs I read, I often come across reports of extreme injustice – where police shoot and kill innocent people who were no threat to them, nevertheless “officer safety” is always cited as an excuse. I also read of people who are robbed of their cash on Interstate highways by police under the color of asset forfeiture laws. Just recently, I read of a man who was being confined to county jail under an accusation of a misdemeanor crime who used his cell phone to call his wife. It turns out that cell phones are illegal in jail and when he asked the jailer to charge his phone for him, he was subsequently tried and sentenced to 12 years in prison because his jailers failed to confiscate the phone in the first place.

Imagine 12 years in prison for someone else’s mistake? An entire book can be written about the injustices perpetrated today under the color of law. Innocent people are locked up in cages like animals, prosecutors break all kinds of laws in order to pursue convictions to further their political careers. Injustice abounds, and yet conservative Americans clamor for more. Christians who should know better celebrate the police, the prosecutors, the politicians who want to get “tough on crime”.

Where is the Christian voice for justice? Why are Christians’ blood not on fire when they read or hear of these awful crimes perpetrated by the state? I know my blood is boiling as I write this article. Is yours?

God’s judgment is coming to America. It is coming because no one calls for justice. Americans care more about their stuff and keeping safe in their gated communities than justice for the innocent. Christians are no different.

We must repent. We must cry out for justice for the oppressed. We need to call for the abolition of drug laws and asset forfeiture laws. We must set the non-violent prisoner free and implement prison reform for better treatment of the violent prisoners who remain. The police need to be disarmed and the same laws used on us should apply equally to them.

If a regular citizen displays a firearm in order to drive away a group of thugs he can go to prison for felony brandishment of a firearm. A policeman can pull a motorist from his car at gunpoint and smash his face to the ground, and the motorist is charged with resisting arrest, but the policeman is held completely innocent. Who is the criminal in this all too common instance? Why isn’t the policeman tried for felony brandishment and armed assault?

If you don’t see the injustice in these instances, you are the reason God’s judgment is coming. If your voice isn’t calling for an end to these horrible things, you are the reason for God’s judgment.

Do not hide behind the excuse you didn’t know. You know now. Go to Amazon and get some books describing the horrible injustice in America.

God’s Judgment is Already Here

You have read my declaration to you that God’s judgment is coming to America. If you doubt the veracity of that claim, you can rest assured that it is indeed coming because it is already here.

God’s judgment is already here? Yes. Read the book of Isaiah and you will see that His judgment has already arrived. The citiation I began with shows as much. The reason there is such extreme injustice such as a 12 year prison sentence for possessing a cell phone is spoken by Isaiah in verse 9: ” therefore justice is far from us”.

Elsewhere in Isaiah, other such judgments are pronounced:

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

Isa. 3:12

Has this judgment come to America? Do men rule this country or do women? For decades men have been denigrated in movies and television. Women dominate in college enrollment, women are our teachers, and now our bosses and leaders. They are even lead in our churches. This situation is hailed as women’s liberation from male oppression. God says it is part of His judgment. These are His words, not mine.

Children are our oppressors. Parents often live in fear of their own children. They cannot properly discipline them for fear that a rebellious child will call CPS on them. An autistic child named Greta Thunberg lectures and tries to shame us over the climate scam. She is an oppressor. God’s judgment is upon us.

I could go on regarding the rule of perverts in our land as well, but I will leave it for an exercise for the reader. Just study Romans chapter one. The public perversion we groan under is more judgment from God.

These judgments are only the beginning. God’s wrath is at hand against us. Unless America repents, it is only a matter of time. If you, my dear reader will repent, then perhaps God will spare you in the wrath to come. He knows how to spare the righteous during the times of his judgment. He spared Noah and his family. He spared Lot. He will spare you too, but you must repent. He will not spare your possessions, but He will spare your life in the coming judgment.

Repent and as Jeremiah says, “your life will be your prize.”

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